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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Episode 19 and More

Episode 19 is finally up and running on the iTunes feed.
A few tidbits for you guys...
First off, Vidmaster Annual achievement on youtube:
Next up, follow ups to the new trailer including the newER one entitled Halo 3: Recon discussed in Episode 20... *Bungie Link*
Other than that look for the MLG Dallas Podcast coming VERY soon!

Thanks for the patience everyone!
~Amp and Crew

Thursday, October 9, 2008

MLG Dallas from Halo Amplified

To start off I want to say that MLG Dallas was not the event to miss. This tournament showed the best in some teams and the worst in others.
Let's break it down day by day shall we?

BTW, I attended the event with two of my team mates, Hurricane and Zepp.

First let me give a little background for you. I am Amplified-Silence, founder of the Halo Amplified Podcast, and I have known about and loved MLG since the 2006 season shown on USA. Ever since I have followed MLG's every move and loved playing their gametypes (and in Halo 3, their maps). Overall MLG and Halo 3 are my focus right now other than school and everything else I do. I went to MLG Orlando this summer as well, and going there with one of my parents is what allowed me to go to MLG Dallas alone to meet the guys on my team. I hope everyone enjoys my account of the event and don't forget about my podcast and the MLG Dallas Recap episode coming out on Friday!

Okay, enough about me and my podcast, on to the weekend:
Friday - One word summary: Tiring
So I leave school at lunch and head to the airport, good stuff I know, and after about 8 hours (+/- 1 hour, stupid time zones) I was standing in front of the Hilton Anatole in Dallas, Texas. Bags and all I ventured to the venue, being held in the Trinity Expo Center, passing by FearItself and Legend on the way. Anyways, I got to see my team mate, Hurricane, place third in a FFA match against one of the people who made top 8 so, not bad. By that time my host had gotten there, Zepp, and I dropped my stuff off and talked to Hurricane some more before he left for the night (lives closeby). Zepp and I just hanged out at the venue watching Str8 play uTi for a while before heading back to the room for some 1v1 before we turned in.

Saturday - Summary: Awesome
To start off the morning, at 9 AM, Zepp and I headed over to Denny's across the street for a big breakfast. After that we wandered back to and around the venue for a while and played some 2v2 vs randoms at the Astro booth. Dr. Pepper, of course, had their booth hosting some free play as well as some Str8 vs pros games going on. The big thing for us today though was the Press Conference. Gotta love podcasting :). The press conference was great, even though it was just Q&A pretty much. I did get to meet some other press there though, which was cool. The guys from we great, and they even gave their info to the journalist working on a Walshy story. The press conference seemed a little too short to but the main downside is my final question got stolen... oh well. The great thing though was actually after the press conference. Walking back into the Trinity Center's lobby, we saw none other than Roy waiting in line for food. I walk up and introduce myself as Amp from Halo Amplified, and seeing that the interview was only a few weeks ago, we immediately started up a long conversation spanning our walk to the Pro Lounge in the venue. Let me just say, Roy's our boy! He is probably the coolest pro I have talked to ever, one of the nicest too, Walshy's got everyone beat though :). It was just really cool to get a chance to introduce myself and thank him face to face for the interview and talk to him afterward. Alright, enough of Roy, he's still great though, but on to Main Stage. Oh yeah, we met MrPresident while we were talking to Roy, great to see a member from Podtac! Anyway, since Saturday was all of the Open Bracket gameplay it wasn't really as important to us to see every game on main stage. We saw plenty anyway. The good part about watching while standing on the outskirts is you get to talking to all of the people around you. Turns out we make friends with Ben from GoG, Gathering of Gamers (.com), and since we had been looking for a LAN for Saturday night, it was a perfect pick! Other than GoG I got a chance to talk to SK, thanking him for the interview a few weeks back and wishing him luck, glad it helped! As I made my way to chase him down (I was kinda late on the uptake) I ran into (literally, jk) ManofPopsicle from Podtac which was cool even though I was otherwise occupied. WE finished off watching Saturday night from behind main stage with the oh so lovely Puckett commentary :P. It was good to get another chance to talk to Roy during the games, and this time I ask him for Instinct signatures, which we got except Soviet, thanks again Roy. After it was all over and Legendz won we went on up to GoG's party. When we arrived Soviet was there in the room milling about, perfect for a signature! It was really cool to get a chance to play 2v2 against Soviet too... we (Hurricane and I) lost by like 8 kills... no biggy (it was 4-way split screen). I just hope we didn't screw him up with those small screens! Well at about midnight Zepp and I bounced and went to sleep hoping to get up early on Sunday!

Sunday - Summary: FTW (I know that's three)
All day - Main Stage...
We woke up about 7 AM and composed ourselves before heading down to the venue. The doors to the Trinity didn't open until 8:15 AM but we waited, Hurricane came down a little later and we talked to some cool guys while we waited. I only know them as MLG EVENT 171 and MLG EVENT 054, so yeah... That helps the next part, where when we got in the venue we saw main stage was closed and headed over to the Halo 3 stations to plays some awesome 4v4s (Quick shoutout to BaBaBadHabits and his friend for playing with us, good games guys, and, oh yeah, Icon sucks). We played for quite some time, until 10:30 to be exact, while we were pros were filtering in warming up, including Triggers Down. Break, special thanks to Zepp for holding a spot in the main stage line for us while we played and checked out the pros, end break. After we finished playing I met up with Ben who was stanidng behind tD watching them play an FFA with FB. The thing I found cool and funny at the same time was when SK somehow lost a BR battle with Karma after getiing easily 10 headshots (it was on Narrows though) and turns around, astonished, asking if anyone saw that, especially me, and I was like "yeah dude that sucked," or something like that... Anyways, we stayed on main stage all day on Sunday, I personally never left my seat. So here are some big matches that went down on main stage...
1) Triggers Down vs Ambush - Result: tD 3-1 - tD took it easily after dropping the first game CTF Narrows 3-0. SK was trash talking Nexus like a pro!
2) Instinct vs Classic - Result: Classic 3-2 - Classic suprisingly came back and took the series 3 games to 2. Instinct has some ground to make up now.
3) Str8 Rippin vs Final Boss - Result: Str8 3-0 - Snipedown calls out Neighbor saying he'll shut him down, Neighbor sarcasticaly says he's scared and pretends to cry... good stuff. Str8 ends up rolling over FB.
4) Triggers Down vs Str8 Rippin - Result: Series 1 (tD 3-2) - Series 2 (tD 3-2) - tD finishing strong in the Pit TS game winning the second and final series 3 to 2. Some of the most insane Halo 3 gameplay ever seen! (Final Game Video (Game 10) @

Special thanks to Zepp's parent for supplying us with some Mickey D's on main stage.
After the main stage everyone had to filter out of the venue. I ended up seeing a lot of pros during and after the event on Sunday either watching with us, talking to tD or Str8, or walking out of the venue.
We ended up eating in the Sports Bar underneath (literally) the Hilton's tower. Good food and plenty of pros. I saw Soviet (shook his hand again), Lunchbox, Mudvayne, and Twylight.

Overall, MLG Dallas > MLG Orlando, at least for me. Orlando was epic but Dallas topped it. Great teams and deserving winners. Anyways Triggers Down won both times so it's all good!

1. Mr. Pres- Cool meeting you for however brief a time, hoped you enjoyed meeting Roy! :)
2. Man'oPopsicle- Cool meeting you for again however brief a time, I was running after SK, sorry.
3. Roy- You are MY boy. Great talking to you on Saturday, thanks for the picture, signatures and the Dr Pepper. Looking forward to the scrim and good luck to you guys in Vegas. P.S. Thanks for the interview, again.
4. SK- It was great meeting you (and seeing you get soooo unlucky in that Narrows FFA) and thanks again for the interview, hope to have you on again to talk Dallas!
5. Ben - Awesome Saturday night thanks to you. Hope to see you at other events and on XBL!
6. Soviet - Thanks for joining us at the GoG party and hope we didn't screw you up! :(

BTW: Sorry, Plasma Qrenades, that we couldn't meet up and LAN in Dallas. Woulda been cool to meet more Podtac members!
And sorry Zepp for making a spelling mistake on your business card!

Hope you guys enjoy!

P.S. I will be adding and removing parts of the article periodically as I get new info, etc... AND check out our MLG Dallas Podcast (Episode) that should be out by Saturday, October 11th!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


  1. Episode 19 is waaaaaay behind schedule... working on it!
  2. MLG Dallas was somewhat unproductive... working on it!
  3. MLG Dallas podcast recording Wednesday! Will be out Friday night!
  4. New friends like GoG (
  5. Met pros... good stuff

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~Amp and Crew

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