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Sunday, August 24, 2008

News and Update

So we are here with four more episodes on the web...
The blog will be updated constantly now that we have a good listener base and a good podcasting team.
Episodes 13 through 15 were just plain news episodes with some other random updates.
Episode 16 was a fluke, using the new Mac software didn't go as planned so the episode was dropped.

Special Edition episode 3 is up and running giving you our coverage of the MLG Toronto Pregame Show.

Special Edition episode 4 and Episode 16 will come out in combination as a MLG Toronto Podcast (with a unique name of course) new editing and all.

Also watch out for our upcoming MLG Pro interviews coming early and mid-September.

As a special note: we have currently been playing with two "pros," as stated by the players, Hysteria and Mackeo, with secondary gamertags. We are still looking into the legitimacy of the situation.

Thanks for baring with us all!
~Amp and Crew

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