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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Halo Amplified Podcast - Special Edition Episode 8 - MLG Vegas and More

After a loooooooooong long delay, we have it for you!
Without further adieu...

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~Amp and Crew

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The GoGcast Episode 1 + Update

I know this doesn't really have anything to do with Halo Amplified per say... but I thought you guys might want to check out the Gathering of Gamers or at least the podcast episode I was in... So here you go...

GoG Homepage-

Special Edition Episode 8 is still being edited so bare with us.
Episode 20 will be out ASAP next week as well!


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Special Edition Episode 8 - MLG Vegas and More

This episode is mostly a make-up and hopefully you guys haven't missed us. I won't ruin the episode announcements for you yet since it hasn't become available yet, so you get to wait again!
There are a few announcements for the podcast we will be mentioning including a, now to be expected, coverage we will have in 2009. We also reveal a little side project that hopefully everyone will enjoy!

Thanks for your patience,

Friday, November 28, 2008

Vegas Summary


All-Star Classic Stats: 
East Coast: 12 (4 in H3) 
West Coast: 9 (3 in H3) 
Halo MVP: Pistola 
Gears of War MVP: KILLA & PREDATOR (tie) 

Friday Night Hilights: 
Hysteria voted stride player of the year 
Snipedown voted old spice rising star 
East wins All Star Classic 


WBR1 Results: 
Str8 Rippin' 3-0 Legendz 
Instinct 3-0 Classic 
Carbon 3-2 Triggers Down 
Final Boss 3-0 Ambush 

LBR1 Results: 
Triggers Down 3-0 Ambush 
Classic 3-2 Legendz 

WBR2 Results: 
Str8 Rippin' 3-2 Instinct 
Carbon 3-1 Final Boss 

LBR2 Results: 
Final Boss 3-1 Classic 
Instinct 3-2 Triggers Down. 


LBR3 Results: 
Instinct 3-1 Final Boss 

WBF Results: 
Str8 Rippin' 3-2 Carbon 

LBF Results 
Carbon v Instinct 

The first event of the 2009 season is going to be in the Meadowlands, April 3rd-5th. 

Other Games 
Gears of War: TH3 NSAN3Z 
Call of Duty 4: CA FeaR 
Rainbow 6 Vegas 2: MoB RAGE

Meadowlands has been confirmed as the season opener for April 3rd-5th.

Hysteria is the stride player of the year. He gets a trophy (full of stride gum) and a check for 25 grand

The "Old Spice Rising Star," or basically the most improved player, was unanimously Snipedown. He gets a little glass trophy thing and 5 grand, which he says in going towards a Pontiac G-8 


WBR1 Results: 
Str8 3-0 Legendz: Str8 comes back from a 2-1 deficit game 1, T2 gRAPES games 2 & 3 

Instinct 3-0 Classic: First two games close, Roy owns game one. Game 3 won by >100 points. 

CARBON 3-2 TRIGGERS DOWN: OMG WHAT!? Who the F@#k looses to carbon?! Not TD! I have no more to say about this series. 

Final Boss 3-0 Ambush: FB Comes back from a 3-1 deficit game 1, Ogre 2 gets an Overkill extermination for the final cap. 

LBR1 Results: 
Triggers Down 3-0 Ambush: First game close, every player between +2 and -2 k/ds. TD goes off game 2, all of TD +3 or better. Karma goes 40-21 game 3 and TD wins 202-81 on oddball. 
Karma said to the rest of TD something along the lines of "you have never seen me play seriously. I'm about to play seriously right now." And then he went 40-21. Yeah. 

Classic 3-2 Legendz: Legendz puts up a good fight but gets rocked in the final TS game. 

That wreaks havoc on my prediction bracket...


Str8 v Instinct

Str8 wins game 1 of WBR2 against instinct on pit CTF 2-1. game takes over 20 minutes, no one does especially poorly. 

Instinct wins game 2, TS pit, to thunderous applause. They come back in the final moments to win 50-47. Roy goes +12. 

Str8 takes game 3, oddball. Instinct had a good early lead but Str8 got their act together as Instinct fell apart. Elamite goes +11, and legit goes beastmode [on] off. I'm not sure, but I think they won by about 40 points. 

Instinct takes Construct King to tie the series. They have an early lead, str8 is able to tie it up at around 80 and again at around 200, but Instinct clinches the game with under a minute left. 

Game five is TS Amplified, Str8 takes it. They start off with a 12-5 lead, and maintain at least a 5 kill lead the whole game, finishing 50-42. Legit gets 17 kills, Roy gets a killing spree to tighten it up near the end but it's not enough. 

Old Spice Play of the Match: Elamite Warrior goes one on four to stop the flag and a double kill on CTF Pit game 1.


Carbon v Final Boss

FB and Carbon start their series with Pit CTF, Carbon wins 2-1. It is tied up for most of the game at 1-1 until carbon caps one with 2 minutes left in regulation. Naded goes off with the sniper, shockwayv3 gets 31 kills, ogre 2 gets a triple. 

Carbon wins game 2 on Pit TS, 50-40. Shockwayv3 goes +9, double kills abound. 

Final Boss takes Game 3 on Oddball on Guardian. FB gets the early lead but carbon pulls ahead at around 50. Final boss takes the lead at 160 but carbon takes it back, then looses it at 180. 

Game 4 goes to Carbon. The game is neck and neck the whole game, it looks like Final boss was gonna win but Carbon turns it around and even though Final boss retakes the hill they run out of time. 

Moment of the match is naded's snipe from closed street to bottom purple on construct king. It was epic.



Instinct v Final Boss

Game 1 of instinct v Final Boss is Narrows CTF. Instinct gets the first cap and is able to keep FB off balance for a while. Instinct gets close a couple times but neighbor is a able to get the returns. Final boss finally ties it up with 2 minutes in regulation and nearly caps a second one but it's stopped, Roy almost gets the countercap but Neighbor clutches it. Regulation ends just as soviet gets a nice stick across under bridge, Soviet gets a flag to rocket, out BR's one of the ogres and strongside before going down, and then Walshy cap's it. Soviet and Lunchbox both put up 28+ kills. 

Game 2 is Amplified TS, Final boss gets the early lead but instinct pulls ahead at 20. The lead is exchanged a few times but instinct starts to pull ahead with only a few kills left, it gets tied up at 44 then Roy rips out a triple, its tied up 49-49, Ogre 2 gets the last kill to win the game 50-49. Lunchbox went +7 but walshy went -8. All members of Final Boss were between +/-3. 

The third game is Pit KotH, which is statistically instinct's best gametype. Instinct gets the early lead which grows rapidly. At the third hill begins the score is 107-51, this kind of lead is more or less maintained until instinct starts to break away during the last hill or so, it gets to the point where lunchbox starts taking no scopes (he gets 2 nice ones. 

The next game is Oddball, a strong gametype for both teams. Instinct stats with a strong 50 point lead, until they get 4 down and Final Boss has time to set up and gets 10 points away. Instinct takes it back and the lead starts to reappear. The ball changes hands a few times, then Final boss gets the lead at 80. Instinct retakes the lead at 95, The game continues in this fashion, instinct starts breaking away at 125 and eventually establishes a 40 point lead, Final boss gets the ball with only 50 seconds left but Roy takes it away from them with a clutch double, the game ends and Instinct takes the series 3-1. Neighbor throws his controller to the crowd. 

Supposedly Walshey hasn't lost a match to the ogres in four years. 

Oldspice Moment of the Match is Lunchbox's quickscope followed by a noscope at the Snipe lift on Pit KotS "I closed my eyes and pulled the trigger" he says.


Str8 v Carbon

The next game is Winners Bracket Finals, Str8 Rippin vs Carbon, Narrows CTF. Carbon locks down the top and pulls the flag but can't capitalize, A few minutes later Naded brings the flag to their base and Shockwav3 puts it in. Ghostayame gets a second flag to top mid but he accidentally throws it off, Str8 seizes the opportunity and Elamite gets the countercap. A coupe flags get pulled a little bit but they cant capitalize. T2 gets a flag just to their return but it gets stopped and returns right as Snipedown gets to it. Shockwav3 goes for the countercap bottom mid but accidentally drops it off, even so he pulls another flag right up to their return but it gets returned by T2. after some time Shockwav3 gets a flag under cover of Cpt. Anarchy's near-triple with 1:30 left. Cpt Anarchy pulls a flag to bottom mid and is downed, Ghostayame gets a clutch double and puts in the flag for a 3-1 win with 10 seconds left in regulation. 

Game 2 is TS Amplified, carbon starts off with an early lead, and maintains a four kill lead throughout the first half of the game where they start to pull ahead, 29-20. Soon after Snipedown goes off tying it up at 38, it remains tied up until the last few moments, Str8 wins the game 50-47. 46 of Str8's kills are assisted and snipedown goes +6. 

The next game is Pit KotS, Str8 is 13-2 in this gametype. The match is tied up for a while until carbon starts taking a lead, eventually establishing a 70 point lead. Str8 starts regaining time and closes the lead to a 10 point lead. Snipedown takes a sick double with the sniper, another snipe through the slat on training but its not enough as Cpt Anarchy gets a double to retake the final hill and win the game, Carbon is up 2-1 in the series. 

The 4th game is oddball guardian. Carbon gets an early lead, but Str8 ties it up and it remains that way until around 150, where str8 starts to break away. The final score is 250-148. I was sorta preoccupied during this match, sorry if the description is a little lite. 

The final game is TS Construct. St8 gets the early lead, up 20-13. Carbon starts coming back to 22-22, but str8 starts pulling away again to 32-21. They accelerate even further to 41-24, Carbon pulls forward to make it a ten point game to 43-33, then Str8 cleans up the final kills to make it 50-37. 

The Old Spice moment of the match is a Snipedown Double kill on Pit King right on his respawn. 

The series goes to Str8, 3-2.



Instinct v Carbon

Losers Bracket Finals: Instinct v Carbon. Both teams beat Final Boss 3-1 and Triggers Down 3-2 and lost to Str8 Rippin 2-3. Both have similar strategies and are clearly of similar ability. This will be good. 

The first game is CTF on Onslaught. Instinct gets the first cap a little over a minute in, then Roy takes in another flag another minute later. Cpt Anarchy gets the flag to their B Corner, but Roy is able to stop it. A few minutes later Shockwave gets the first score for Carbon and Ghostayame gets another little bit later, followed by a third from Cpt. Anarchy. Instinct pulls a flag but Anarchy and Shockwave are able to halt it. Roy later caps another flag for instinct to tie it up, immediately followed by a fourth by Walshy. A couple minutes later Anarchy and Ghost are able to pull another flag to tie up the game at 4-4. Inspired by an instinct cheer, Roy covers his brother lunchbox as he puts in the last flag for the win. Roy went +9. 

Carbon went into Construct TS with a 0-1 deficit, a gametype that they have only one once out of six times. Instinct also has had some trouble, and is 0 for 2 on Construct TS. Carbon won the opening battle and took the early lead which started to widen to 28-18. All members of Carbon start going off with their power weapons, and they maintain their lead throughout the whole game. Naded nearly gets a triple but fails to kill Walsh. Carbon coasts to the finish line for a 50-38 win. 

The next game is a good one for instinct, Pit KotH. Cpt. Anarchy gets a triple right of the break, and with that Carbon is able to get an early lead, 40 points at as the first hill moves. Carbon gets in the next hill, and the lead grows. Instinct is able to gain control and close the gap by a good amount. Ghost gets a clutch double to enable his squad to get back in the hill and start rebuilding their lead, but a slight misplay enables instinct to take the lead at 113. The score remains tied for some time, but instinct is able to surge ahead at around 170 and establish a 30 point lead. Carbon gets in the hill for a little bit but is unable to capitalize. Instinct builds it up to 224-148, but Carbon gets in with only 40 seconds left, and loose by mathematical impossibility. At this point carbon is down 2-1. 

Narrows CTF is a good game for both teams, but Carbon comes out with an early lead with a cap less than a minute in, then Cpt. Anarchy pulls another one to bottom mid but cannot get it any further. Roy pulls instincts first flag and gives it to Walshy who is stopped right on the flag, but Lunchbox puts it in. Soviet gets another flag soon later under the cover of Roy's dirty sniping. Lunchbox and soviet pull another flag but Naded is able to return it. Lunchbox pushes back up, gets a triple, and brings the final flag home for a 3-1 victory over Carbon to meet Str8 Rippin' in the finals. All of instinct went at least +2 in this game. 

Old Spice Moment of the Match- lunchbox's final cap on Narrows following a triple kill.


Championship Match

Str8 v Instinct


The first game is Narrows CTF. Roy gets the first pull, and Walshy scores it. Instinct pulls another flag to top mid, but Str8 gets the return. Legit and Elamite go for a countercap, but soviet kills both and gets the return. Legit tosses a flag over mancannon, and Snipedown gets the flag and uses it to kill soviet, then fumbles it and is killed. Legit tries to score it but Lunchbox clutches a last second return and starts working on a countercap. Roy eventually gets a flag to their base and scores it. After some time legit pills a flag to rocks, and T2 takes it and gets the first Str8 Rippin' Flag. He stops The countercap with a double kill followed by a stick. Elamite tries to countercap but fails, and Soviet takes a flag to their snipe but is shut out. Legit brings a flag to bottom mid and defends with it rockets long enough for Elamite to take it in and tie up the game. A few flags get pulled to no effect, then Lunchbox takes a flag bottom mid to score the final cap. 

The next game is TS, also on narrows, and after the initial charge Str8 gradually comes out on top. They grow their lead to 35-25, and continue to go nowhere but up. Soviet gets a sniper but is killed immediately, and Str8 gets to 45-28. T2 scores the final kill to make the score 50-36. Legit and Str8 both go at least +7. 

The score going into game 3 is 4-3 in favor of Str8. Team King is Str8's favorite gametype, but instinct isn't too bad at it either. Str8 gets the early lead, which widen's quickly. Instinct gets back in the hill at 92-22 and it remains tied through 140, where str8 starts to pull ahead by about 20 points. Instinct closes the lead again, but Str8 pulls away even more to close the game with a respectable lead. At this point Str8 needs only one more win to be the national champs. 

Str8 starts out Onslaught CTF strong, as Legit gets the first flag to their A Corner and puts it in himself. Their next attempt fails, and Walshy is able to counter cap to tie up the game. Elamite and Legit work together to get the second Cap, and soviet after some time is able to get the flag back for Lunch to put it in. Lunch picks another flag ad nearly gets it in but T2 returns it. T2 goes for the counter cap, and Elamite nearly puts it in. Soviet returns it and takes it A side but fails to capitalize. Legit eventually gets the flag and puts it in for a 3-2 lead. Walsh gets the next flag and puts it in to tie up the game, and Soviet gets the next flag but can’t score it. It goes back and forth for a while with a few pulls but no scores, until soviet takes a flag up the middle and gets instinct’s 4th cap with 2 minutes left in regulation. Roy almost gets the final cap but T2 stops it, and Str8 stops it and Elamite puts it in, as Legit follows it up to their B corner, Elamite almost puts it in, but Legit puts it in to clinch the 2009 vegas championship. 

Old Spice Moment of the Match is Elamite's cap to tie up onslaught at 4-4 with 26 seconds left in regulation.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Episode 19 and More

Episode 19 is finally up and running on the iTunes feed.
A few tidbits for you guys...
First off, Vidmaster Annual achievement on youtube:
Next up, follow ups to the new trailer including the newER one entitled Halo 3: Recon discussed in Episode 20... *Bungie Link*
Other than that look for the MLG Dallas Podcast coming VERY soon!

Thanks for the patience everyone!
~Amp and Crew

Thursday, October 9, 2008

MLG Dallas from Halo Amplified

To start off I want to say that MLG Dallas was not the event to miss. This tournament showed the best in some teams and the worst in others.
Let's break it down day by day shall we?

BTW, I attended the event with two of my team mates, Hurricane and Zepp.

First let me give a little background for you. I am Amplified-Silence, founder of the Halo Amplified Podcast, and I have known about and loved MLG since the 2006 season shown on USA. Ever since I have followed MLG's every move and loved playing their gametypes (and in Halo 3, their maps). Overall MLG and Halo 3 are my focus right now other than school and everything else I do. I went to MLG Orlando this summer as well, and going there with one of my parents is what allowed me to go to MLG Dallas alone to meet the guys on my team. I hope everyone enjoys my account of the event and don't forget about my podcast and the MLG Dallas Recap episode coming out on Friday!

Okay, enough about me and my podcast, on to the weekend:
Friday - One word summary: Tiring
So I leave school at lunch and head to the airport, good stuff I know, and after about 8 hours (+/- 1 hour, stupid time zones) I was standing in front of the Hilton Anatole in Dallas, Texas. Bags and all I ventured to the venue, being held in the Trinity Expo Center, passing by FearItself and Legend on the way. Anyways, I got to see my team mate, Hurricane, place third in a FFA match against one of the people who made top 8 so, not bad. By that time my host had gotten there, Zepp, and I dropped my stuff off and talked to Hurricane some more before he left for the night (lives closeby). Zepp and I just hanged out at the venue watching Str8 play uTi for a while before heading back to the room for some 1v1 before we turned in.

Saturday - Summary: Awesome
To start off the morning, at 9 AM, Zepp and I headed over to Denny's across the street for a big breakfast. After that we wandered back to and around the venue for a while and played some 2v2 vs randoms at the Astro booth. Dr. Pepper, of course, had their booth hosting some free play as well as some Str8 vs pros games going on. The big thing for us today though was the Press Conference. Gotta love podcasting :). The press conference was great, even though it was just Q&A pretty much. I did get to meet some other press there though, which was cool. The guys from we great, and they even gave their info to the journalist working on a Walshy story. The press conference seemed a little too short to but the main downside is my final question got stolen... oh well. The great thing though was actually after the press conference. Walking back into the Trinity Center's lobby, we saw none other than Roy waiting in line for food. I walk up and introduce myself as Amp from Halo Amplified, and seeing that the interview was only a few weeks ago, we immediately started up a long conversation spanning our walk to the Pro Lounge in the venue. Let me just say, Roy's our boy! He is probably the coolest pro I have talked to ever, one of the nicest too, Walshy's got everyone beat though :). It was just really cool to get a chance to introduce myself and thank him face to face for the interview and talk to him afterward. Alright, enough of Roy, he's still great though, but on to Main Stage. Oh yeah, we met MrPresident while we were talking to Roy, great to see a member from Podtac! Anyway, since Saturday was all of the Open Bracket gameplay it wasn't really as important to us to see every game on main stage. We saw plenty anyway. The good part about watching while standing on the outskirts is you get to talking to all of the people around you. Turns out we make friends with Ben from GoG, Gathering of Gamers (.com), and since we had been looking for a LAN for Saturday night, it was a perfect pick! Other than GoG I got a chance to talk to SK, thanking him for the interview a few weeks back and wishing him luck, glad it helped! As I made my way to chase him down (I was kinda late on the uptake) I ran into (literally, jk) ManofPopsicle from Podtac which was cool even though I was otherwise occupied. WE finished off watching Saturday night from behind main stage with the oh so lovely Puckett commentary :P. It was good to get another chance to talk to Roy during the games, and this time I ask him for Instinct signatures, which we got except Soviet, thanks again Roy. After it was all over and Legendz won we went on up to GoG's party. When we arrived Soviet was there in the room milling about, perfect for a signature! It was really cool to get a chance to play 2v2 against Soviet too... we (Hurricane and I) lost by like 8 kills... no biggy (it was 4-way split screen). I just hope we didn't screw him up with those small screens! Well at about midnight Zepp and I bounced and went to sleep hoping to get up early on Sunday!

Sunday - Summary: FTW (I know that's three)
All day - Main Stage...
We woke up about 7 AM and composed ourselves before heading down to the venue. The doors to the Trinity didn't open until 8:15 AM but we waited, Hurricane came down a little later and we talked to some cool guys while we waited. I only know them as MLG EVENT 171 and MLG EVENT 054, so yeah... That helps the next part, where when we got in the venue we saw main stage was closed and headed over to the Halo 3 stations to plays some awesome 4v4s (Quick shoutout to BaBaBadHabits and his friend for playing with us, good games guys, and, oh yeah, Icon sucks). We played for quite some time, until 10:30 to be exact, while we were pros were filtering in warming up, including Triggers Down. Break, special thanks to Zepp for holding a spot in the main stage line for us while we played and checked out the pros, end break. After we finished playing I met up with Ben who was stanidng behind tD watching them play an FFA with FB. The thing I found cool and funny at the same time was when SK somehow lost a BR battle with Karma after getiing easily 10 headshots (it was on Narrows though) and turns around, astonished, asking if anyone saw that, especially me, and I was like "yeah dude that sucked," or something like that... Anyways, we stayed on main stage all day on Sunday, I personally never left my seat. So here are some big matches that went down on main stage...
1) Triggers Down vs Ambush - Result: tD 3-1 - tD took it easily after dropping the first game CTF Narrows 3-0. SK was trash talking Nexus like a pro!
2) Instinct vs Classic - Result: Classic 3-2 - Classic suprisingly came back and took the series 3 games to 2. Instinct has some ground to make up now.
3) Str8 Rippin vs Final Boss - Result: Str8 3-0 - Snipedown calls out Neighbor saying he'll shut him down, Neighbor sarcasticaly says he's scared and pretends to cry... good stuff. Str8 ends up rolling over FB.
4) Triggers Down vs Str8 Rippin - Result: Series 1 (tD 3-2) - Series 2 (tD 3-2) - tD finishing strong in the Pit TS game winning the second and final series 3 to 2. Some of the most insane Halo 3 gameplay ever seen! (Final Game Video (Game 10) @

Special thanks to Zepp's parent for supplying us with some Mickey D's on main stage.
After the main stage everyone had to filter out of the venue. I ended up seeing a lot of pros during and after the event on Sunday either watching with us, talking to tD or Str8, or walking out of the venue.
We ended up eating in the Sports Bar underneath (literally) the Hilton's tower. Good food and plenty of pros. I saw Soviet (shook his hand again), Lunchbox, Mudvayne, and Twylight.

Overall, MLG Dallas > MLG Orlando, at least for me. Orlando was epic but Dallas topped it. Great teams and deserving winners. Anyways Triggers Down won both times so it's all good!

1. Mr. Pres- Cool meeting you for however brief a time, hoped you enjoyed meeting Roy! :)
2. Man'oPopsicle- Cool meeting you for again however brief a time, I was running after SK, sorry.
3. Roy- You are MY boy. Great talking to you on Saturday, thanks for the picture, signatures and the Dr Pepper. Looking forward to the scrim and good luck to you guys in Vegas. P.S. Thanks for the interview, again.
4. SK- It was great meeting you (and seeing you get soooo unlucky in that Narrows FFA) and thanks again for the interview, hope to have you on again to talk Dallas!
5. Ben - Awesome Saturday night thanks to you. Hope to see you at other events and on XBL!
6. Soviet - Thanks for joining us at the GoG party and hope we didn't screw you up! :(

BTW: Sorry, Plasma Qrenades, that we couldn't meet up and LAN in Dallas. Woulda been cool to meet more Podtac members!
And sorry Zepp for making a spelling mistake on your business card!

Hope you guys enjoy!

P.S. I will be adding and removing parts of the article periodically as I get new info, etc... AND check out our MLG Dallas Podcast (Episode) that should be out by Saturday, October 11th!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


  1. Episode 19 is waaaaaay behind schedule... working on it!
  2. MLG Dallas was somewhat unproductive... working on it!
  3. MLG Dallas podcast recording Wednesday! Will be out Friday night!
  4. New friends like GoG (
  5. Met pros... good stuff

*UPDATE* Extra




Listen in for more!

~Amp and Crew

Thursday, September 25, 2008


An awesome new trailer from Bungie on the latest project in the works!

Check it out on our YouTube Channel!

Don't forget to listen to the podcast every week, releasing on Mondays!
Episode 19 will be a good one with all of the new stuff Bungie has given us lately!

Enjoy everyone,
~Amp and Crew

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Assembly Videos

First off, here is a video of Brian Jarrard aka Sketch, talking to G4 about Assembly at PAX 08.

In case you havn't seen it, here is a really good quality video of Assembly. The same cant be said for the player, unfortunately...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Episode 18

Sorry for the delay guys!

The episode covers the Sept. 13 and 20th news!


Thanks everyone,
~Amp and Crew

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pro Interviews

The interviews with SK from Triggers Down and Roy from Instinct are up and running as separate podcasts. The interviews went really well and were pretty fun.

Here are the Direct Download links:

-L0rd and Crew

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


A few things all:
1)We interviewed SK from Triggers Down and Roy from Instinct over the weekend and uploaded both as separate podcasts. The interviews went really well and are pretty informative.
2)We also uploaded episode 17, where we talk about new Halo 3 achievements and the return of the Podtacular audio podcast, as well as the usual news
3) The Enhanced Podcast feed has been put on hold for the moment because of a combination of things, including some technical difficulties.
4) Episode 18 is being delayed because we invested time in the interviews instead of news this past week. We will try to cover everything next week including everything we missed.

~Amp and Crew


Tuesday, September 2, 2008


We, or I rather, have been wrapped up in a couple things so I have not had a chance to completely edit the past two episodes, Episode 16 and Special Edition MLG Toronto Pro Coverage.

These episodes should be out my the end of the week, hopefully earlier.

Don't forget our Pro Interview are coming up! We hope to have these three top teams!
Instinct, Str8 Rippin and Triggers Down!

Come join us on Talkshoe, Skype or AIM for those interview or submit your questions to us! More info coming soon!

Thanks all,
~Amp and Crew

Sunday, August 24, 2008

News and Update

So we are here with four more episodes on the web...
The blog will be updated constantly now that we have a good listener base and a good podcasting team.
Episodes 13 through 15 were just plain news episodes with some other random updates.
Episode 16 was a fluke, using the new Mac software didn't go as planned so the episode was dropped.

Special Edition episode 3 is up and running giving you our coverage of the MLG Toronto Pregame Show.

Special Edition episode 4 and Episode 16 will come out in combination as a MLG Toronto Podcast (with a unique name of course) new editing and all.

Also watch out for our upcoming MLG Pro interviews coming early and mid-September.

As a special note: we have currently been playing with two "pros," as stated by the players, Hysteria and Mackeo, with secondary gamertags. We are still looking into the legitimacy of the situation.

Thanks for baring with us all!
~Amp and Crew

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Episodes 12 and 13

Both episode 12 and 13 are completed.
Check them out for some major talk and news from Major League Gaming along with our usual news sources!

Some more news:
Team Time Shift is now 3-0 on MLG Gamebattles.
TTS and the Halo Amplified Podcast crew are planning to attend MLG Dallas.
Halo Amplified is now on AIM, screen name is: haloamplified

Thanks a lot everyone!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

MLG Orlando Specials!

There are now two MLG Orlando special episodes up on Talkshoe!
The videos to accompany these audio podcasts are still in development.
Hope you enjoy the podcasts in the meantime.


Friday, July 11, 2008

MLG Orlando Friday

My experience so far was AWESOME!!!!!
Check out the podcast for a full walkthrough of my day!

And I have even bigger news!
I have been invited to the MLG Orlando Press Conference tomorrow at noon!
I will also have a chance to do a one-on-one talk with the PR rep and other officials afterwards!

This place just gets better and better!



Tuesday, July 8, 2008

MLG Orlando 2008

I will be in Orlando for the MLG Pro Circuit from July 11th until July 13th. This means there will have to be a special edition of the podcast on Saturday July 12th! As well as a special video blog/podcast at the same time on UStream! UStream account I'll use:
On that Saturday I will be telling you all about my experience at the event's opening day! Live Recording time: 11:30pm EST (EDT) thru 12:30am (Sun). I WILL be tired...

Sunday will also have its very own audio and video podcast with the Halo 3 MLG Orlando results and the rest of my MLG Orlando 2008 experience! Live Recording time: 7:45pm EST (EDT) thru 9:00pm.

I will also be including a Question and Answer section on both nights for you guys to ask me about my experience and other MLG info.

Exclamation points!!!!1!


Extra- NEW B.Net GROUP: Halo Amplified Community

Embeded Live Video via UStream:

Free video streaming by Ustream

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Halo 3 DLC aka Episode 10

This week we had a special co-host, Die Lawn. We talked all about the Halo Downloadable Content so far and the upcoming available DLC.

Halo Amplified Podcast - Episode 10 - Halo 3 DLC

Hope it is informative!
~Amp and Crew

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Episode 9 - Just Plain News

This week there is no major topic but LordAbove and Amp go over some community and personal news and events!

Halo Amplified Podcast - Episode 8 - Halo 3 Ranks

~Amp and Crew

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Halo 3 Ranking System (Ep. 8)

After a week of waiting here it is!
L0rd4b0ve attempts to explain to you the intricacies of the Halo 3 ranking system.

Halo Amplified Podcast - Episode 8 - Halo 3 Ranks

~Amp and Crew

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Multiplayer Maps aka Ep. 7

This week Amp talks about the default multiplayer maps. The feedback section is also very large this week because we had two great listeners to talk to about all things Halo.

Halo Amplified Podcast - Episode 7 - Multiplayer Maps


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Friday, June 6, 2008

The ASPN Podcast Episode 1

I thought it was important I include this podcast in all of my feeds so that everyone can listen to it on their appropriate feeds.

ASPN Episode 1 - Halo Amplified Podcast Special Editon

Hope you all enjoy!

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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Episode 6 the Clan Show!

This week we have a special clan interview show for everyone where Amp talks to DoG Ny Stone DL about the Disciples of Gaming community.

Halo Amplified Podcast - Episode 6 - Special Clan Show

Everyone enjoy!

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sierra 117 Campaign Show aka Episode 5

The Fifth installment of the podcast is complete!
Watch for the Video Amplified episodes to appear soon!

Halo Amplified Podcast - Episode 5 - Sierra 117 Campaign Show

Hope you enjoy!
~Amp and Crew

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Full Review

Hope you enjoy the review!

Halo Amplified - Episode 4 - Special Full Review

Reminders: One- The Gamertag "Halo Amplified" will be used to network our listeners over XBL... Join up by sending a friend request!

Two: Episode 5 will be the Sierra 117 Campaign Show will be on May 24th at 7pm EST... all submissions are due on May 23th.

Thanks everyone!

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Episode 4 + 5 Show and "Clan" Info

THREE things...
One: NEW!!! As a measure to united our members I have created a Silver account (with gold account status until June 14th) for all XBL networking... Hope we don't get over 100 members soon! The Gamertag is simply "Halo Amplified"... Join us! [Updated May 14th, 2008 7:22pm EST]

Two: Episode 4 will pretty much be a full review of the game from the Halo Amplified Crew. Feedback will all be live with listeners contributing their thoughts as well as ratings.

Three: Since we have had a lack of submissions for the show I think we should start scheduling so that our listeners are aware of the content of the next episode (a week ahead).

Episode 5 - Saturday, May 24th - Campaign Trips: Sierra 117

Send in all of your trips (tips and tricks) for this episode to Submissions are due Friday, May 23th for review and use.
Also join us for the live recording at 7pm EST on Saturday, May 24th!


And Episode 3 is live!

The Halo Amplified Podcast Episode 3 is now online... It is about a half an hour long with a new co-host.

Halo Amplified Podcast - Episode 3

Please consider coming to our next live podcast next Saturday at 7pm EST.

In addition give us your feedback, trips, and halo experiences at

Amplified-Silence- GT= Amplified Jumps
Anorexic Leader- GT= Anorexic Leader
LordAbove- GT= L0rd4b0ve (the "o"s are zeros)

Note: The commentary we said we would have has been postponed until next weekend... due to network connection problems.

Hope to see you all soon!

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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Episode 2!

The Halo Amplified Podcast Episode 2 is now up and running... It is about an hour long with two new co-hosts.

Halo Amplified Podcast - Episode 2

Please consider coming to our next live podcast next Saturday, we had a great turn out for Episode 2!
In addition give us your feedback, tips, tricks, and halo experiences at

Amplified-Silence- GT= Amplified Jumps
Suicide Sui- GT= DoG Suicide
LordAbove- GT= L0rd4b0ve (the "o"s are zeros)

See you next time!

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Halo Amplified Podcast Number 1!

First episode online now!
Via Talkshoe

Halo Amplified Podcast - Episode 1

Hope everyone considers coming to our next live podcast next Saturday!
In addition give us your feedback, tips, tricks, and halo experiences at

Amplified-Silence- GT= Amplified Jumps
JW Spiff- GT= JW Spiff

Thanks a lot guys!

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